Findor and Geldor set off across the Ruins, and draw near their goal... and danger.

Emerging from the sewers of the Cold Ruins, Findor and Geldor find themselves in a city both terrifying and mysterious.  A secret lost to time is hinted at.  The duo press deeper into danger.

Also, we briefly encounter a snake that 100% we're going to see again.

Findor and Geldor make an unpleasant discovery in the sewers beneath the ruins.

Findor, Geldor, and Joshua disembark at the university encampment and assess their new situation, which includes a snarling, magicked dog.

The Deva University of Magic and Technology's trusted ship's captain has gone missing along with his entire ship.  He was last seen departing on his usual trip to the university's archaeological dig at the Cold Ruins.

Findor and Geldor run a small investigative and troubleshooting agency.  Geldor, a would-be wizard and later would-be artificer, was recruited by old contacts at the University to find out what's happened.

Introductory voiceover performed by Monica Heuser (http://www.monicaheuser.com/)

Welcome to Trust Me, I'm an Adventurer.  Just a few words before we begin.